With color and light filling our days it’s the perfect moment to embrace the change in temperature and step-out with ebullience. What better way to embrace the vitality of the season than to reflect this fresh joie de vivre through your outfit. Put those dark neutrals to the back of the rack and bring out the breeze with pastel shades, statement blazers, and flowing dresses. At NDC we want to pinpoint the timeless essentials that will augment your style and help you to shine, all of course, whilst remaining passionately dedicated to sustainability.

But first, we have to be clear. This is not an opinion piece about embracing some passing seasonal trend. We want to help you to be good and look great whilst investing in all of those glorious seasons to come. Instead of going out and spending your budget for the season on trends that won’t last you past Autumn, why not take it slow and consider the timeless. Spend your money on items that are on-point for good weather and well-suited whatever the weather.

We delved through our collection and chatted with a couple of our top designers to bring together their recommendations for Spring/Summer 2018. We wanted to get to know them a little better and see what pieces they suggest for the season. We also wanted to learn more about what inspires them and drives them as conscious minded designers.

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