On-Demand Technology Makes Cities More Appealing Places to Live

The use of Modern technology in Public Transport is Helping to Increase Personal Autonomy and Accessibility; Both are Essential in any Healthy Society

Modern technology is the greatest enabler we have ever known. It empowers citizens, giving them access to information and ideas while offering global connections and opportunities which did not exist in the past. Still, we can have all the information, ideas, and connections we want, but if a tangible link to our immediate community doesn’t exist, then we are stuck on information overload with no meaningful outlet. This is where On-demand technology delivers on that most crucial tenet of all civil societies; autonomy of choice.

Without access to reliable transport links, our societies become unproductive and unappealing places to live. When a community is left without decent public transportation options it has a negative knock-on effect for its citizens. A study undertaken by Greener Journeys, a coalition of the UK’s leading public transport organizations, found that; “investment in buses and local bus infrastructure plays a significant role in promoting social inclusion…improvements in bus service connectivity leads to reductions in deprivation across all neighborhoods, not just the most deprived”.

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